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The Courses

Our weekend/short courses are extremely flexible and can be specially programmed to meet your personal or professional needs.

We offer intensive one-to-one study programmes in General or Business English, as well as short examination revision and preparation courses. Mini-group courses can also be arranged.

You can choose from:

English for Business

In an increasingly globalised business environment, the use of English as the international language of trade and commerce continues to grow. Alongside this, the ability to communicate effectively in English becomes more essential by the day, but it is often  difficult for business people to find the time for study abroad.

With this in mind, our intensive home-stay courses in Business English are specifically designed for professional people for whom time is at a premium. Here at ACTIVE ENGLISH, we offer English language teaching at all levels for professionals who need to make maximum progress in minimum time.

Business clients regularly commend our courses as the ideal solution to their language needs and frequently return for another weekend for language support.

Our intensive weekend /short-course programmes offer an effective way of developing the language rapidly or building on existing skills by concentrating on those areas that you really need for successful business performance, with the opportunity also to practise everyday communication skills. We will design an intensive interactive programme to suit your needs, based on any combination of the following elements and including others of your choice.

Whether you are dealing with native speakers, or using English to communicate with people from other countries, an ACTIVE ENGLISH programme will extend your general competence in the language and develop your confidence in a professional role. In addition to this, our courses offer you every opportunity to improve your grammar and vocabulary, whilst reinforcing everyday conversation skills. 

We can help you to get your Business English moving!

General English

People often come to us without any specific needs but simply because they enjoy speaking English and wish to practise the language. Our intensive weekends offer the chance to develop your speaking skills, and if you prefer to just talk, we will aim to focus the conversation on everyday topics that really interest you. We can vary the diet but you will be speaking English for the whole weekend. Our aim is to improve your fluency and confidence in the spoken language through discussion and direct communication with just as much or as little grammatical input as you wish. Additional skills of reading and writing can also be practised if required.

Active English offers English language training at all levels, using interactive methods and regularly updated teaching resources which include newspapers, magazines and the internet together with TV and Radio programmes directly from the Great Britain and Ireland.

We aim the make our weekend courses in General English as enjoyable as possible and the list above represents just some of the areas where you can have fun practising your English. But, if you wish we can also include more participatory activities to get you using the language, for example:

  • Interactive tasks and transactional role-plays – good for developing active skills in the language
  • Board games –good for socialising, active communication and building word power
  • Discussion of TV & radio reports, drama series and films – good for listening and discursive skills
  • Reading and discussion of magazine articles and reviews, literature, music and drama
    (Browsing through our library of books, plays music and films will allow you to explore British and American culture at your leisure)

Our “Total immersion” courses are available for individuals or small groups of a similar standard.

Visit us for a weekend, just to chat and build your confidence in everyday English!

English for Exams

For those people currently studying for an English language examination, our intensive weekend revision courses represent an ideal opportunity for last-minute preparation.

We have extensive experience in preparing students for a wide variety of examinations with a high rate of success. As well as practising examination tasks and improving the accuracy of written and/or oral work, we are also able to advise students on stategies that will enable them to tackle the examination with greater confidence. The list and the groupings below include the examinations for which we reguarly prepare students.

Whether you are preparing for an examination assessed externally, or an English examination in your own country, we can give you the advice and the help you need to sit the exam with confidence. Alongside the full range of examinations in General and Business English, we offer revision courses for the Abitur in Germany and we provide help and guidance for dissertations and final exams for students studying English degree programmes at university. Besides the usual language skills, we are able to offer intensive study of English/American literature, history and politics.

(Please advise us in advance of your chosen or set texts).

Contact us directly to discuss your preferred programme!

In addition, we can offer specialist guidance in a wide variety of specific areas, including practice and preparation for job interviews, technical and business presentations, academic lectures etc., as well as assistance in translating the key materials and documents into English.

All programmes are designed to focus on individual needs.

Some recent examples of courses provided include:

  • Preparation for an important technical sales presentation in the USA.
  • Preparation for an academic presentation at a British university. 
  • Preparation for an job interview for a sales position in an international company.
  • Preparation for TOEFL examination for matriculation to an American university.
  • Individual training for the LCCI Advanced Level spoken English examination.
  • Preparation for selection process for employment with a European airline.
  • Preparation and practice for a technical presentation at a European conference
  • Preparation for employment in the UK, USA or Australasia in various fields, including nursing, telephone-sales, hotel and catering or as an Au Pair. 

These are examples of courses specially designed by us to meet specific individual needs. But our intensive weekend programmes can also be “open-ended” or just conversation-based to help you to enjoy your next visit to an English speaking country and give you more confidence in dealing with everyday situations.

Each course is individually planned but here is an example of a weekend schedule, based on 15 full hours of teaching. ( = 20 Ust)

Contact us today and we will design the ideal course for you!