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Your Teaching Centre in Lower Bavaria

The Centre

Teaching takes place in our comfortable family home in the village of Forsthart, overlooking the Danube valley in Lower Bavaria. The house is well provided with facilities to make your stay both productive and enjoyable. We have a large and purpose-built teaching studio suite that is well equipped with access to a wide selection of teaching aids and materials.

Both individual guests and mini-groups are normally accommodated in our own home.

If you come for a weekend, you will have your own comfortable study bedroom with access to lounge, and games room/library where you can browse through our large selection of English reading materials and films. Alternatively you may just wish to relax by watching British television. Our guests receive our full personal attention, a high standard of English hospitality and excellent home cooking.

Group-based courses can also be offered alternative accommodation in a local guest house, also providing a high standard of facilities for comfort and relaxation.

  • Forsthart is a small country village, situated above the Danube valley with fine views towards the Bavarian forest. It is well provided with the usual amenities – a bank, local shops, church, pub, and an open-air swimming pool.
  • This attractive location in S.E. Bavaria, within a 30 minute drive from popular tourist centres on the Danube such as Deggendorf and Passau, provides an ideal setting for our weekend courses.
  • The quiet ambience of the village makes it the perfect location for a concentrated study weekend to work on your English without any distractions.
  • At the same time the rich woodland of the surrounding area makes it ideal for relaxation, cycling or country walks if you want a break from your study.
  • Forsthart is situated approximately 10 kilometres from the A3 Autobahn, 
  • Junction 111, and the nearest railway stations are Osterhofen or Plattling, both served by regular local trains from Munich and Regensburg. Naturally, we can make arrangements to meet you if you are travelling by train.
  • If you would like a break from formal lessons during your stay, various excursions can be arranged. We can visit and explore the fascinating local towns and cities.
  • In the spring and summer, river cruises are available on the Danube from nearby Vilshofen and the Bavarian Forest is within easy reach at any time of year!
  • For those particularly interested in learning more about the Bavarian Forest, and its flora and fauna, “walking and talking” tours can be specially organised led by an experienced and fluent English speaking forest guide.


We can design a weekend programme just for you!